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camp1 noun 1 a piece of ground on which tents have been erected. 2 a collection of buildings, huts, tents, etc used as temporary accommodation or for short stays for a particular purpose. 3 a permanent site where troops are housed or trained. 4 archaeol an ancient fortified site. 5 a party or side in a dispute, etc; a group having a particular set of opinions, beliefs, etc. verb (camped, camping) intrans to stay in a tent or tents, cooking meals in the open air, etc. camping noun living in a tent or makeshift accommodation, especially for recreation. break camp to take down tents, etc when leaving a campsite. pitch camp see under pitch1.
ETYMOLOGY: 16c: French, from Latin campus field.

camp out 1 to live and sleep in the open, with or without a tent. 2 to stay in temporary accommodation with a minimum of furniture, equipment, etc.

camp2 colloq, sometimes derog adj 1 said of a man or his behaviour: using mannerisms that are typically associated with women, especially in a deliberate, exaggerated or theatrical way. 2 said of a man: homosexual. 3 theatrical and exaggerated, especially amusingly so. noun camp behaviour or style. verb (camped, camping) intrans to behave in a camp way. camp it up to behave in an exaggerated theatrical way; to overact.

camp something up to make it camp • He camped his performance up to make the character more lively.