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hog noun 1 N Amer, especially US a general name for pig. 2 a castrated boar. 3 a pig reared specifically for slaughter. 4 colloq a greedy, inconsiderate and often coarse person. 5 (also hogg) a young sheep or yearling, yet to be shorn. verb (hogged, hogging) 1 colloq to take, use or occupy something selfishly. 2 to cut short like a hog's mane. 3 tr & intr to eat in a hoggish manner. 4 tr & intr especially said of the hull of a ship: to arch or hump like a hog's back. hoggish adj. hoggishly adverb. hoggishness noun. go the whole hog to carry out or do something completely. hog it slang 1 to eat greedily. 2 to live in an unkempt and slovenly manner.
ETYMOLOGY: Anglo-Saxon hogg.