Chambers Online Crossword Sep 2016
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


1Nation turning round gun-twirling female's form of defence (4,2)
5Celebrity Pat wants half of my twinkly gemstone (4,4)
9Prepare to switch decorator (7)
10One who's successfully checked heart (6)
11Shorts used by defenders (6)
12Niggle about tin tool (7)
13Gift put one out after a while (9)
15Dine out and sort of cross finger (5)
17Bluff piece having change of heart (5)
19Milk a deer, surreally, in the manner of Alice's adventures? (9)
22Organise a street fugitive? (7)
23Tight-fitting garment causes sweat? Take a risk! (6)
25Dunce hard to make out – humour (6)
26Spirit 's equal with IT management (7)
27Yale involved in hoax dog breed (8)
28Nevertheless, it's Stevenson's at heart (4,2)


2/24Top lot of learners from the aristocracy? (5,5)
3Republican party and the woman's rodents (7)
4One texted, forcing a rebellion (8)
5Combined dowsers possibly try limpness? Strike it out! (9,6)
6Statue replaced arch (6)
7Public sale gets new top row (7)
8Rest cheek – quick! (9)
14About to take cruise around top of Vancouver – repeatable indefinitely! (9)
16Live to acquire Braque's composition: 'Alfresco Grill' (8)
18Kiss of life helps to get Irene waltzing (7)
20Instrument outside did upset technophobe (7)
21Second chronometer sample (6)
24See 2
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