Chambers Online Crossword Oct 2016
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


1Move heavily, on wheels? Not ruled out when oxygen's lacking (7)
5Go to pieces, giving up credit for street trip (7)
10Beast of burden cleaves ailing exotic house plant (8)
11/15Try extremely hard to recycle my used deodorant (2,4,9)
12Plaster of Paris spread in stages (soluble) (5)
13Thinking of others lacking a ledge (not hard) (8)
14Broad, stereotypical, housing vehicle (8)
16Noisy line - Daisy gutted (5)
18Steps taken by US ambassador (5)
20Wanting some French resistance to cut debts (8)
22The tune played on recorder initially is loose (8)
24Match official needs large, not hot, safe place (6)
26Pressure point lock (6)
27Learned it's low-in-calories price? (8)
28Country house has gas and continental water (7)
29House taken in by devious Clare's complaint (7)


2Alternative oil rig use (spiritual) (9)
3Bond star's comeback (once taken in) (5)
4Element of dialogue discarded as mean of getting play going again (4-3)
6Leader of Taiwan lorded over small person (7)
7Hawthorn, say, might bloom (9)
8Carbon-free socks for oafs (5)
9It might be connected with the craft of engineering washer (6)
15See 11 Across
17After play's finale, tongues loosened: "Rep's top juvenile!" (9)
19A hostelry on the continent produces inability to express one's thoughts! (7)
20Larked about being dim (6)
21Pull out Sulphur and take round river (7)
23Nick of course switches one to oxygen (5)
25Wild female, real mad! (5)
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