1Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of love and war (6)
5Large crested parrot of the Australian region, often kept as a cage bird (8)
9A lively dance, popular especially in the 1920s, characterized by spasmodic kicking with the knees turned inwards (10)
10In card games, play of a higher card followed by a lower one to indicate what cards one holds (4)
11An early Jewish Christian, especially one in fourth century Syria (8)
12Novelty party song recorded by Black Lace in 1984 (6)
13Spanish dish of different sorts of meat and vegetables (4)
15The worship of an image held to be the abode of a superhuman personality (8)
18A fish-shaped device towed from the bow of a vessel to deflect mines along a wire and sever their moorings (8)
19A ballerina's short stiff spreading skirt (4)
21In botany, attached to a different kind of organ (6)
23A type of underwater hockey, played mainly in Britain, using a lead puck called a squid (8)
25The main river flowing through the Polish city of Wroclaw (4)
261928 play written by Mae West which was adapted into the film She Done Him Wrong (7,3)
27A measure of capacity, equal to 54 gallons of beer (8)
28___ hut, a prefabricated, semi- cylindrical building of corrugated iron, formerly used by the military (6)


2An unstressed central vowel sound (5)
3A strong dry red Spanish wine used in blending or as a substitute for port (9)
4Jim ___ , US country singer who died in the crash of his private airplane in July 1964 (6)
5The fifth wife of King Henry VIII (9,6)
6Tropical Asian tree whose rolled or ground aromatic bark is used as a spice (8)
7The adult leader of a group, or pack, of Cub Scouts (5)
8An adherent of government by mob rule (9)
14The largest seaside resort in Wales, overlooked by the Great Orme headland (9)
16Originally, those who live on the other side of the globe, or on opposite sides (9)
17Presenter of the BBC radio programme From Our Own Correspondent since 1998 (4,4)
20Name of the Ambulance Association founded in 1877 whose motto is "In the Service of Humanity" (2,4)
22French city in the Pas-de-Calais department, a major source of tapestries in the 15th century (5)
24Slang word for a hypodermic needle (5)


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