Chambers November 2016
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


1Orator wouldn't want to be shocked (10)
6Minute fascist force's plant (4)
9Milk dispenser and beam support beverages etc. (3,4)
10Bacteria-free pie cast out (7)
12Have a real laugh, putting wad on a boxing match? (4,5)
13Branches secured by distinctive achievement? (5)
14Tooth stick embedded with one name (6)
16Pest hassled beluga – my! (5,3)
19Live broadcast abroad reaches right area of Canada (8)
20God's oversize flag (6)
22Ace state store (5)
23Passenger's tense before 'twister' (9)
25Sort of label that indicates no need for decrease (3-4)
26The rain ruined lock container (7)
27The sound of one's 'long ago' (4)
28Odious prig reformed – extraordinary! (10)


1Reproduction of silica art cutting (9)
2Egypt's premier reported man's communication (5)
3Forerunner of one who brings up hanging? (7-6)
4Top song base (3,3)
5Aquatic creature's estate or resort (3,5)
7Be more than some gadabout, numb, ersatz (9)
8Hits which usually come in pairs (5)
11Not hard to hear singles – yet in a new version (4,9)
15Lacking underwear with rein undone? Give it little thought (2-7)
17Grass: it doubled nasty stomach complaint (9)
18Not so hard, benefitting from this sulphur more frequently (8)
21Bolted date on a hut (6)
22Wind up top from loudspeaker (5)
24Fish with round tongue (5)
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