11951 novel by Nicholas Monsarrat, based on his North Atlantic naval experiences in World War II (3,5,3)
7Company, founded in 1945 in Clichy, France, which manufactures disposable consumer goods (3)
9Town in East Sussex nicknamed "the bonfire capital of the world" (5)
10Sovereign state in southern Africa, whose capital is Mbabane (9)
11Bill ___ , actor who played ARP Warden William Hodges in the TV sitcom Dad's Army (7)
12Village, eight miles from Coventry, which claims to be the geographical centre of England (7)
13The world's highest uninterrupted cascade of water (5,5)
15A fixed stake put down by a poker player, usually before the deal (4)
17In Indian cuisine, the potato (4)
18European city which hosts the annual Spectre Film festival, celebrating science-fiction, horror and fantasy (10)
21Oakland ___ , NFL American football club who play in grey and black colours (7)
23A lightweight weapon first manufactured in Brno, now in the Czech Republic, then in Enfield, England (4,3)
24A medicinal and lubricating liquid obtained from the seeds of the tropical African plant Ricinus communis (6,3)
25A richly jewelled semicircular head-ornament worn by women (5)
26An obsolete measure equivalent to 216 gallons of ale (3)
27English rock and roll star who reached number one with Singing the Blues in 1957 (5,6)


1Genus of edible freshwater fish native to Africa and the Middle East, also known as St Peter's fish (7)
2Actor who played notorious gangster Johnny Rocco in the 1948 film Key Largo (6,1,8)
3Ken ___ , Australian tennis player who was the losing Men's Singles finalist at Wimbledon in 1974, aged 39 (8)
4Disc jockey who broadcast his Radio 2 show live from the summits of Ben Nevis and Snowdon for charity in 1995 (2,7)
5A sustained involuntary muscular contraction (5)
6The standard monetary unit of Madagascar (6)
7Neoclassical monument in Berlin built by Carl Gotthard Langhans in the late eighteenth-century (11,4)
8A succession of chords closing a musical phrase or at the end of a complete melody (7)
14American folk and blues musician, born Huddie William Ledbetter in 1889 (9)
16French term meaning "see you again soon" (1,7)
17An Asian fruit, Prunus armeniaca, roundish, orange- coloured, with a downy skin, and of a rich aromatic flavour (7)
19The top edge of the hull of a nautical vessel, where it meets the deck (7)
20A vessel used in a chemical process, typically a flask with a long bent-back neck used for distillation (6)
22A wind of force 10 on the Beaufort scale, reaching speeds of 55 to 63mph (5)


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