Chambers Online Crossword Dec 2016
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


1Saw ice bag burst – no bonus in that (5,4)
6/23Treat the audience as not too bright, lost for words, miserable? (4,4)
10Get into rock as an artist? (6)
11'No Defeat' composition describes poor singer? (4-4)
12/26Which might be used to pass another car's fixed path (4,4)
13Consumers here responsible for "base gold" storm (10)
14I look ill – run through (6)
16Simple paintings, etc., reduced (7)
18Art movement raised floor in block (7)
20Overhear organ piece that goes to the head (6)
21Insectivorous bird or artful baseball player? (10)
23See 6
24Atmosphere (murky) became "in" (8)
25Seat for each shock absorber? (6)
26See 12
27Trunk's a natural place for such a creepy thing (4-5)


2Famous Bill gets chlorine lined up (9)
3Pub closed early – allowed opening (5)
4Wet rats sit near rocks – like reluctant kids on bath night? (5-9)
5Having nothing, poor sage to join the navy? (2,2,3)
7Lingerie put on less than is needed? (9)
8With dipping into health food, muscle is produced (5)
9Precocious youngster's cryptic clue for 'Net fan'? (6,8)
15Carrying off deed, Bud's shaken inside (9)
17Titanic shrew? Pick wielded (9)
19Hermes wrestling with a freshwater fish of India (7)
22Metal filings in bottle, melting (5)
23A familiar dome's changed name (5)
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