Chambers Jan 2017
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


7A student herself's mistaken right for left (7)
8Based on ten claimed bananas (7)
10Feature of flower power: dead backward (5)
11In hipsters, almost aggravated kidney condition (9)
12Cheerful readiness from car Italy designed (8)
13Copy the uncentred, abnormal foetal position (6)
15Emphasis too involved with Mr Toad's transmogrification? (13)
18Property, true sort, half begun (6)
19Jack with moulded cuirass of an ancient time (8)
22Canon, royal personage, drinking interminable Pils brew (9)
23Cook introduces recipe to cook (5)
24Exposed, mouse-like, back in action (7)
25Rogue priest confiscating carbon elbow-straightener? (7)


1Not busy, unlike a climber in action? (7)
2Guarantees pain, sadly, being an old person! (14)
3Boat with high rail tops carrying beer (6)
4Notch or scalloped edge of a leaf's fancy container (9)
5Wind thus envelops coir, turning doubly cold (8)
6Alcoholic, in extremes of self- pity, gets sickly sentimental (6)
8Gull's expected to carry piano! (4)
9Shooting stars, otherwise more cold-filled rocks (8,6)
14Uniform part of EU tape let out? (9)
16Chateau to cad: expensive housing for a president and minions on the move (8)
17Eye doctor adds three elements to inventory (7)
18Cascade of slates, taking one day (6)
20Famous consort gives up right for independence, even though (6)
21Common vegetable! (4)
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