1A mild, semi-soft cheese with an orange rind, originally made by French Trappist monks in 1816 (4,5)
6A sultanate on the southeastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula (4)
10A sheet of rock brought far forward by recumbent folding or thrusting (5)
11A book of the Old Testament comprising a collection of dramatic love poems traditionally attributed to Solomon (9)
12Graham ___ , co-writer of the TV sitcom Father Ted with Arthur Matthews (7)
13___ Hall, a historic house in Salford, formerly a moated Tudor mansion and family seat of the Radclyffe family (7)
14Songstress whose single Walk on By reached number 9 in 1964 (6,7)
17Savoy Opera by Gilbert and Sullivan, alternatively titled The King of Barataria (3,10)
21An ecclesiastical vestment worn by a subdeacon or a bishop at mass (7)
22Disgusting or offensive to sight or smell (7)
24___ Presley, actress who played Jenna Wade from 1983 to 1988 in the TV series Dallas (9)
25The German word for strength, a type of strong smooth brown wrapping paper made from pulp processed with a sulphur solution (5)
26___ Guinness, British fashion brand of handbags and accessories, launched in 1989 (4)
27An illicit bar selling alcohol during the American Prohibition (9)


1A cocktail typically made of gin, grenadine, cream, egg white and lemon juice (4,4)
2Yorkshire town whose racecourse was the first in Britain to host a horse race for female jockeys in 1723 (5)
3Canadian humorist who wrote the sequence of stories Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town in 1912 (7,7)
4The largest and capital city of Uttar Pradesh, India (7)
5In America, an acknowledgment of message received, especially in radio transmissions (3-4)
7City whose main airport is named after Billy Mitchell, often regarded as the father of the United States Air Force (9)
8Swiss-based food and drink company whose brands include Ovaltine, Shreddies and Kit Kat (6)
9Frontiersman of the American Old West, killed by Jack McCall while playing poker in Deadwood in 1876 (4,4,6)
15Happening every eighth year, or lasting eight years (9)
16Shropshire town, birthplace of the poet Wilfred Owen (8)
18A simple eye or eye-spot, distinguished from a compound eye, in insects and other lower animals (7)
19British science fiction comic hero, a "Pilot of the Future" in the Eagle from 1950 to 1967 (3,4)
20In botany, a small appendage, usually paired, at the base of a leaflet (6)
23City in Japan that lies at the mouth of the Yodo River (5)


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