Chambers Online Crossword Feb 2017
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


1Is oxygen, taken by small shark, a sort of atom? (7)
5Boy involved with site ownership of large corporation (7)
10See 29
11About, however, to drive back (5)
12See 27
13Ludicrous descent of night creatures engulfing house (6)
14Force one to enter daily TV organisation (8)
15Bale out on river, being comparatively proficient (5)
16Apropos of teeth, one replaces time disclaimer (6)
19Brood: "it's sometimes disengaged" (6)
21Old-fashion expression of impatience gives power to playwright (5)
24Not connected musically (8)
26Clothing features: elastic loop tops in legs (6)
27/12They're for dressing up good youth publications (4,4)
28Tips of Javanese manioc immersed in water-free pan (5)
29/10Sort of music joke by King – surprise (4,4)
30Standing figure guarding king (7)
31Quickly down to one's underwear almost? (2,5)


2Motto is "Work hard to get a name" (6)
3Be encouraged when Nick has marrow (4,5)
4Troops dropped oxygen level initially, providing protection for head (7)
6Failed through lack of resolve like St Julien (7)
7Modicum of quiet sort of wine (5)
8Scrooge drunk at mass (8)
9Lily-white seaman, done with, turned poacher (5,8)
17Modern bath salesperson gets rise daily? (9)
18Large insertion in mixing palette essential for a clot (8)
20Accumulator is more solid with ring inserted (7)
22Carefree lacy knots clutched by little darling (7)
23Drop power on spring (6)
25Acted for engineering trainee (5)
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