Chambers Online Crossword Mar 2017
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


1It breaks up tragic epic knight at heart (3,4)
5Put down "British oxygen" for sham medicine (7)
10See 25 Down
11Page one law overturned, which helps create an image (5)
12/28As Daisy is expecting? (4,4)
13In essence, choice is reverberatory (6)
14Set about importing goods for a French dish ingredient (8)
15Cuts wrestling hold (8)
17Fabric measurements with D's adjustment? (6)
18Pants: "Somewhat dismal LSD"? (6)
20Dodgy, large organisation takes on Arab's accommodation? (8)
22All at once jargon includes "a lead" (4-4)
24See 3 Down
26See 25 Down
27Good centrally, true as a ruler (5)
28See 12
29Tired out New Testament spear (7)
30Prim page gets a little rough (7)


2The latest Irish contribution to Lycra iconography (5)
3/24Duel scenario: Oswald isn't blending with Pat (7,2,4)
4Extensive limit on account debts (9)
6Bali lacks housing for Bush (5)
7It's said chicken shrank (7)
8Live run with Prince Henry's engagement? (9)
9A case of a weighty nature that could cost dearly (6,7)
16Source of soft cloth appeared hot in den (5,4)
17Merrymaker, one lamenting cuddling Jenny? (9)
19Visualise the spoken word (3-4)
21Count up copper English duke brought forward (7)
23Personal protection for slicing article (5)
25/26/10Partitions are fitted with lugs, said to give warning of eavesdroppers (5,4,4)
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