1William ___ , editor of The Times newspaper from 1967 to 1981 (4-4)
5___ Central, a vast mountainous area in southern France containing several extinct volcanic cones (6)
10Small family car first manufactured by Austin in 1973 and succeeded by the Metro and Maestro (7)
11A Jewish title or form of address meaning "my great master" (7)
12Of clothing, especially skirts, narrow at the top and widening evenly to a full hemline (1-4)
13Inflammation of the lining of the stomach (9)
14A language chosen as a medium of communication among speakers of different languages (6,6)
18A "new town " on the river Tawd in west Lancashire (12)
21Occurring in two forms within the same biological species (9)
23Danish discount supermarket chain which opened in the UK in 1990 (5)
24Roberto ___ , manager of Manchester City FC following the dismissal of Mark Hughes (7)
25Grunge rock band whose first album was Bleach in 1989 (7)
26A member of a people of mixed Frankish and Scandinavian origin who settled in northern France from about AD 912 (6)
27An ancient city state founded by the Phoenicians on the north African coast near modern Tunis (8)


1Nancy ___ , American actress born Anne Frances Robbins in 1921 (6)
2French term meaning "being discussed or expected" (2,4)
3A bright silver-white metallic element, atomic number 12 (9)
4Composer who had his first hit with Swanee, recorded by Al Jolson in 1920 (6,8)
6___ nectar, a humorous nickname for beer or lager, especially in Australia (5)
7___ for Boys, a book originally published in 1908, when it was written and illustrated by Robert Baden-Powell (8)
8A heavy black-and-white breed of dairy cattle, having a high milk yield (8)
9The most remote inhabited archipelago in the world, whose capital is Edinburgh of the Seven Seas (7,2,5)
15British TV puppet character, occupation Superstar, who first appeared on the show TV-am in 1983 (6,3)
16Masonry of uniform blocks in courses of equal height, the vertical joints placed over the middle of the blocks below (8)
17A spring constellation of the northern sky, thought to resemble a small lion (3,5)
19A tributary of the Saint Lawrence river that forms part of the boundary between the provinces of Quebec and Ontario (6)
20A perennial south European herb, Levisticum officinale, with an odour and flavour similar to celery (6)
22An Indian side dish of chopped vegetables, especially cucumber, in yoghurt (5)


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