Chambers Online Crossword Apr 2017
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


1Furnish, contortionist-style? (6)
4Exalt union's leader getting small cash increase (7)
9See 11
10Concentration of tipped copper seconds (5)
11/9Softwood growth centre holding organised trek (4,4)
12In fanciful surroundings it's turned gritty (6)
13Whisper "Liberal undone after being elected" (8)
14Possibly out to make water for rug (6)
16Bird with iron ring top hat (6)
18Combining reorganised ICI – fun (6)
19Hard fat causes big expression of pain (6)
21Very heated period when church interrupts composer (8)
22Airline distributed blue trifle (6)
23It's black inside the bonfire (4)
24Like a kidney bean's end covered by concrete (5)
25/1DComfortable situation: a walk in the park way (4,6)
26A native American for every small bird (7)
27Unrefined as a planet (6)


1See 25 Across
2At which a public announcement is made: "Squeeze pear" (5,10)
3Abandoned by unknown socialist (5)
5Labour completed – mail somewhere in South Africa (9)
6Broadcast IT announcement: getting married in historic building (7,8)
7Clothes-remover about right as an office machine? (8)
8Connected pair undone – expected to have mishaps (8-5)
15Load carrier made from box and bay? (9)
17Fire engulfing new pub's fast food outlet (5,3)
20Stylish financial quarter's centre replaced by female (6)
22Soft wood ointment (not medium) (5)
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