Chambers Online Crossword May 2017
by Peebles

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7Alert, only, sadly, in no definite way (3,6)
8See 21 Down
10Absolute, say (5)
11Moderate version of Delft soap (4-5)
12Avoid risk of live transport and fuel spillage (2,7)
13See 18
15Contemptible metropolitan person at centre of true performance (7)
17Rover Ben admitted crushing flower (7)
18/13Star imbibing wine/liqueur drink – a downhill course to take (3,3)
19It makes a link, of concern to bats (9)
22One has to miss 24 hours – oh dear! (5-1-3)
23Meaning Leamington possesses sparkle (5)
24Each figure is given consumer treatment (5)
25Pro gets offer – retreat not allowed (9)


1Shade of brown in brief enclosures is a hindrance (9)
2Unmoving, that's how it appeared to take in rubbish (6)
3Bloomers hoax swallowed by 10 (very frightened) (6-8)
4Essence of Chablis (SF) ultimately euphoric (8)
5Attractive person – watch out, 'flu! (6)
6Dr. 'U', rolling in money, shows wisdom (8)
8Male captured by proper genuine rogue inhabitant of Antarctica (7,7)
9/14Sacred union: myth – or alimony debacle? (4,9)
16Victim of offhand attempt to abandon heart (8)
17Drive any convertible to arrive at plantation (8)
19Order fish, provided before end of day (6)
20Fashionable venture to acquire object (6)
21/8AMetallic element, live in right world (4,5)
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