Chambers Online Crossword June 2017
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


1One product of Cuba's revolution that you can count on (6)
5Suspect reportedly avoided reddish- brown (8)
9Ability to take in things thwarted baby censor (10)
10See 23
11Champions finding support in beers (8)
12Knot ultimately at corner (6)
13Twist mine to hold musical note (5)
14Tweeting "Gibson Rd diversion" (8)
16Nuts, dates – but this differentiates the flavours (5,3)
18Hoard money soundly (5)
19Second age of stormy shipping hazard (3,3)
21Fantastic cures found in insect's lullaby (8)
23/10Local dispenser (4,4)
24'Accession' roughly covers Latin sort of art revival? (10)
25Tense head of sales with long hair? (8)
26One large area of snowdrops, not rooted? (6)


2Jazz started off live (5)
3Rocky co-stars in 'Bread Roll' (9)
4Not the main narrative of overturned transport plan (7)
5Less masculine, popular, America (5)
6Crooked lawyer in distress, hysterical (7)
7Cut Englishman, extremely mature (5)
8Me balance (not ace) is upset after Southern air! (9)
13It's a job to put people before things primarily (9)
14/21Hatred of poor family connections (3,5)
15Relief shown by different Civil Service sources (9)
17Extremely young to break femurs etc? Let them be themselves! (7)
18Flowery inner circle or local ground (7)
20Make pro say "On the way up" (5)
21See 14
22One who's late making up second row (5)
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