Chambers July 2017
by Peebles

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8Change said scrap art in church (10)
9Stage a monarch goes through, on high in state? (4)
10Cortex is exploited as spirit- remover (8)
11Illuminated some prayer (6)
12A French rock broadcast – prepare the wine! (6)
14Was a professional building inspector used very recklessly? (8)
15Second vehicle check shows red (7)
17Seal round old city's end (7)
20Kill Nick? Excellent! (3-5)
22Panoramic view of a duvet when spread (6)
24Emperor king, i.e. as replaced by another king (6)
25Rebel Frenchman aged badly? (8)
27/26Did badly parting a hairstyle but result is sort of sweet (4,4)
28Spring system break (10)


1Force illumination unit discharge (4)
2Shock party for beehive, say? (6)
3Shower Pilsner randomly over king (8)
4Some student is stalling – one who might well pull out (7)
5Fruit tree tamperer reported (6)
6Immaculate notice gets minus (8)
7Respect one's mobile: many people are aware of it (4,6)
13North eastern Catholic gypsy eats cold Black Magic (10)
16Calls Fish for circus seating (8)
18Colour of down-to-earth type, clutching volume (English)? (8)
19Rancher is hardly hiding love (7)
21Force Faith to hide top of hat (6)
23Think it's cool, playing set? Think over (6)
26See 27 Across
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