Chambers Aug 2017
by Peebles

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8Staple almost inserted in ripped hat (7)
9Mobile tuner to hire (4,3)
11Famous, robust king (present name) (4-5)
12Disperse, backing round daughter's house (5)
13No royalist liberated Italian repairman without one (15)
16/1Rises with cooked dish (5,4)
18Fixes courses (5)
21Cadets here weathered mid-year calamity (8,7)
23/23DWrite on New York station's early mail system (5,4)
25Diving bird's remorseful feeling, having swallowed poor mole (9)
27Cover the woman covering competition stage (7)
28Guardian of rogue by a hill (7)


1See 16 Across
2Not well into standard support (6)
3Take hippo out around river as top cover (4-3,3)
4Playing well, style initially tells (7)
5It's a chore, applying pressure on board (7)
6Cold digs turned out to be a symbol of record success (4,4)
7/26Top entertainer's shock vessel (4,4)
10/24Weight lifted, but even so, still to happen (3,3)
13Political leader holds back knight, the 'rainbow producer'? (5)
14Where hangings take place, largely involved with RTA (3,7)
15Blue sodium pen (5)
17One gets to insult a Cuban, say (8)
19Little jumper for broken, twisted leg is on time (7)
20Patio spread, with California Pudding (7)
22Norm has no alternative, surrounded by awful Yeti malevolence (6)
23See 23 Across
24See 10
26See 7
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