Chambers Online Crossword September 2017
by Peebles

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1See 13
5Extortionist reserved bar (7)
10/20Stuffy nose etc? If so, put something warm on top! (4,4)
11Being in possession of one, astronaut fixed flooding (10)
12Story of restricted arrival in country (9)
13/1Sleep guaranteed, no worries (4,7)
14Inclined to immerse Peg in hard, dreary work (7)
15Sculpture's about life expressed differently (6)
16Quarrel half perceived as slight (6)
18Freely confess: "Moon bus unlikely" (7)
20See 10
21Thickening agent causes painful growth on e.g. Daisy, it's said (9)
23"Air, earth" poems translated (10)
24Channel public transport (4)
25Overmodesty of peer (coarse at heart) (7)
26Having a break from rancid responsibility? (3,4)


2Hydrogen present in observed brilliance (5)
3Experience less than vigour (7)
4Caste organised mass to bring joy (9)
6Flier, brave character, given name (5)
7Illuminated with real translation, just as it was written (7)
8Angry Ray's means of keeping the house together (9)
9Stranger quit awfully tense group of players (6,7)
14Fan base? (9)
15Before FBI removed a meaty item (3,2,4)
17Tree from Burgundy court with date? (7)
19Observed the nature of the leopard (7)
21Culinary flower bud jest (5)
22Boron-implanted, radical automaton (5)
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