8James ___ , director of the 1985 film A Room with a View (5)
9A reddish-brown, tree-dwelling anthropoid ape, found only in the forests of Sumatra and Borneo (5-4)
11Especially of a leaf, shaped like a feather (7)
12The westernmost city in Mexico, situated on the Baja Californian peninsula (7)
13"A person from ___ ", an intruder who disrupts creativity, in reference to the ruinous interruption of Coleridge when writing Kubla Khan (7)
14John ___ , the only person to have won world racing championships on two and four wheels (7)
15Darts player known as "The Crafty Cockney" (4,7)
20Small Pacific flatfish of the flounder family, often eaten as food (4,3)
22A ring-shaped cake made with yeast, containing nuts, fruit, etc, and often flavoured with rum (7)
24Paul ___ , leader of the UK Independence Party following Nigel Farage's term as Acting Leader (7)
26Poisonous herb of the nightshade family, having sticky hairy leaves and yellow-brown flowers (7)
27American actress born Lucile Vasconcellos Langhanke in 1906 (4,5)
28A form of Japanese natural therapy involving the laying on of hands or gentle massage (5)


1African river described by Kipling in the The Elephant's Child as "great grey-green, greasy ... all set about with fever-trees" (7)
2Dave ___ , member of the rock band Blur who was elected to the Norfolk County Council in May 2017 (8)
3Codename of the World War II operation in which Allied soldiers were evacuated form Dunkirk in 1940 (6)
4A dish of thin slices cut from a block of minced lamb grilled on a spit, eaten with unleavened bread (5,5)
5Lionel ___ , writer of the music, lyrics and narrative structure of the musical Oliver!, which premiered in 1960 (4)
6In military slang, to rake with machine-gun fire from low-flying aeroplanes (6)
7French term meaning "in a body, all together" (2,5)
10State in western India, capital city Gandhinagar (7)
14The edible leafstalk of a variety of white beet, Beta vulgaris cicla (5,5)
16American state whose highest point is Hoosier Hill (7)
17An anticoagulant, originally produced by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation as a rat poison (8)
18A rapidly travelling sea wave that attains great height, caused by an undersea earthquake or similar disturbance (7)
19Of or relating to the house of Plantagenet that ruled England from 1154 to 1485 (7)
21A legal official authorised to certify deeds, contracts, copies of documents, affidavits, etc (6)
23Danse du ___ , a rhythmical movement commonly known as the belly dance (6)
25A native or citizen of Latvia (4)


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