Chambers Online Crossword Oct 2017
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


9Standing student group (5)
10Extraction of PC data – excited retailer claims victory (9)
11Robin's deposit savings? (4,3)
12Month to catch bird? Nonsense! (7)
13Dismissal of former version of upsilon (9)
15Headgear with fashionable insert rejected (flap) (5)
17Blue feathers warmed right inside (11)
22Broadcast set again (5)
23One who mounts anti-eavesdropping device (9)
25Box storing 'Ring' sketch (7)
27Elected to dive at sea, reaching ocean's bottom (5,2)
29One who'll relate to carer (UN organised) (9)
30Was a resident releasing energy for one? Mad! (5)


1Surveyor's son, bean factory worker? (7)
2/7Disregard advance – ended (4,4)
3Too American to expand (2,4)
4Smug, greedy, drinking last of beer (8)
5Sulphur meant to ferment part of flower (6)
6Lit up rocks round Dicky's imaginary land (8)
7See 2
8Pretend to be non-professional when entering agreement (4-3)
14Daughter's in Ring Cycle (5)
16Youth about to rise – lump-like! (5)
18A pity now to disperse for a break in the journey? (3,5)
19"RADA moved against craft" (early dictionary entry) (8)
20Get master remedy (7)
21Grandee, possibly a danger when unpinned (7)
23Lines of relative trap (6)
24Water boiler top replaced? Courage! (6)
26/28Pigeon music act, very English (4,4)
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