Chambers November 2017
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


1Wrong emphasis put on name (irregular) (9)
6In memoriam: a terribly formal parent (5)
9Only used the ultimate in cotton material (5)
10Maybe Tom needs a stimulant, being in a stupor? (9)
11Creation of a more up-market living space: good? If interaction works (14)
13Well to wrap more volatile element of a computer (6)
14Continues to promote eastern relative (6,2)
17"Very," one put in telegram, "friendly" (8)
19As a long poem is about plaice (6)
22Arrival Cusco: DA exercised, using heart and lungs (14)
25Which naturally prompts animation? (4-5)
26Prohibited from also receiving two exam grades (5)
27Former cylindrical houses cry for compassion (5)
28Hated dancing: "inferior, going on forever" (9)


1No other match for this sort of person (10)
2Loam and sun blend produces the potato (7)
3Voluntary fees from 'Little Darling' (alternative operatic number) (9)
4'Speedy' comes round providing calm (6)
5No idea what this is? Yes and no (3,1,4)
6Spot opening of Tallis's choral music (5)
7Slight from EU not directed at America (7)
8See 24
12Shameless soul, origin hazy (10)
15Bound to put a stop to child's play (9)
16Crimson abode Lord renovated after opening removed (5-3)
18Reach out to take male/female bevel (7)
20Tend to embrace old politician, being bore (7)
21Snapper carried by tourist? (6)
23Silly fellow twice seen in 24 hours (5)
24/8Musical genre having good beat – surprise! (4,4)
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