Chambers Online Crossword Dec 2017
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


8Educate, using English noun "cheer" (9)
10Insult topless ally (5)
11Cut a link (7)
12Laugh about clothier one removed (7)
13Jelly, say, tipped over large fire (9)
15Reports way of doing hair (5)
16Regular guest houses rows (6)
18Top book about snare (6)
21Undo all program changes and stay with electronic insert (5)
22Confront deposit account holder, as a way of avoiding humiliation? (4-5)
24Settle on a river by mountains (7)
25Revealed divorcee was a model? (7)
27Shot visitors (getting time off) (5)
28Working party's forecast out (about a thousand) (4,5)


1Mixed style in gem production (7)
2As bloomers are from Florida or Alabama (6)
3Say one died? Can't believe that! (4)
4Ben cries "Cor! KKK's fancy pants!" (14)
5Container belonging to doctor, emaciated type (3,2,5)
6Treated patient, accepting 100 (not much of a fee) (8)
7Concentrated where campers are broadcast (7)
9Reaper's affectionate gesture that's a guarantee of failure (3,4,2,5)
14Greedy pig finally demolished Stilton, uh? (10)
17Engaged and shy (8)
19A monarchy reportedly put on trial (7)
20"Doctor Brink" right for a working ship? (7)
23Very experienced surveyor starts to test part of church (6)
26Quilted bedcover plug (4)
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