7The seed capsules of several tropical plants of the ginger family, used as an aromatic, pungent spice (8)
9Biblical Prophet whose name means "the Lord is salvation" in Hebrew (6)
10Blue ink used as a primary colour in printing (4)
11Decisive 1805 battle in modern-day Czech Republic, in which Napoleon defeated the combined Russian and Austrian armies (10)
12A Mexican liqueur made from coffee beans, cocoa beans and vanilla (6)
14Ray ___ , Australian fast bowler whose autobiography is Flying Stumps (8)
15The innermost membrane enveloping the embryo of reptiles, birds and mammals (6)
17Monetary unit of Thailand worth one hundredth of a baht (6)
20Suburban district of west London, birthplace of TV presenter Nick Knowles (8)
22Anatoly ___ , the official world chess champion from 1975 to 1985 (6)
23Former name of the Chicago skyscraper, the world's tallest building when completed in 1973 (5,5)
24Small, tailed amphibian of the salamander family (4)
25Irish whiskey illicitly distilled (6)
26Trade name of the powerful sedative drug flunitrazepam, often used as a date rape drug (8)


1Pop singer born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta in New York in 1986 (4,4)
2In Japanese cookery, a thick noodle made from wheat flour (4)
3Mark ___ , American golfer who won the Open Championship at Royal Birkdale in 1998 (6)
4The Roman name for Ireland, now used poetically (8)
5Public garden in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, one of four run by the Royal Horticultural Society (6,4)
6A metrical foot of three syllables, one long followed by two short (6)
8In heraldry, a lozenge-shaped, perforated bearing (6)
13Actress nicknamed "the Sweater Girl" after her debut in the 1937 film They Won't Forget (4,6)
16A brand of milk flavouring product, usually made with malt extract, sugar and whey (8)
18___ House, a Grade I-listed country residence in West Sussex, seat of the Duke of Richmond (8)
19Obsolescent, informal term for a telephone (6)
21King of the Fairies in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (6)
22A wok-like copper utensil used in Asian cookery, or a dish prepared in it (6)
24The back part of the neck (4)


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