Chambers Jan 2018
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


5/13Tall showy plant, Joshua tree when cultivated with Acer milk (9,9)
8Turned up, unassertive? No, assertive (5)
10Solemnly declare "brand includes western" (5)
11Swindler's company with new craft – it's dodgy (3,6)
12Ask Mimi about garden shrub (7)
14Settled before Cain turned devilish (7)
15Dicky forfeited gear, as do gracious argumentative types? (5,2,6)
18Casual jumper with a collar top about the heart (7)
19Small shark dispersed fog in vessel (7)
21Reconstruction of round huts is booming [not usual spelling] (9)
23A lot of mesh is returned (5)
24Vein of valuable ore outside grand gatekeeper's place (5)
25Right unit in forged euros? Wrong (9)


1Deb undergoing rehab acquires right fostering environment (8-6)
2Alliance making jam without potassium (4)
3Pre-meal item coarse pirate provided (8)
4A walking aid of mine, almost supernatural (6)
5In a precise way, I agree (4,2)
6Get away from studio head and press (5)
7Wild about New York team (multifaceted) (4-5)
9Conceit is fine, being involved with first of crime literature genre (7,7)
13See 5 Across
16Live off rabbit? Right baddie! (4-4)
17Clothing is in synch in Ostend (6)
18Neat tabby let out? (6)
20$1000 horse beef (5)
22Medieval landworker – said to use the Internet? (4)
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