Chambers Online Crossword Feb 2018
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


1Brilliant flier's tropical plant (4,2,8)
8See 14 Down
9Rogue's topless slip (5)
10See 27
11Chlorine always makes you smart (6)
12Argued hospital aid casually takes time away (3,2,3)
13Tight jacket cut in circles (5)
15Little time to support a proposal (6)
18Colour of college playing real tennis primarily (6)
20Bird pen feature alternative rejected (5)
23An FM broadcast into debts is notorious (8)
26Office is mature, about to break into New York (6)
27/10Surety of one accused of upsetting Bali spy (4,4)
28Pull apart sculpture over river (5)
29See 14 Down
30OK, sad web legend's convoluted description of a software expert system? (9-5)


1Weather protection through circling wind (6)
2It turns soil to tar or half oval rocks (9)
3Exceed the limit of Dover runway internally (7)
4Rod and angler's quarry (5)
5Bananas or reeds forming church screen (7)
6Obligation to take one book entry (5)
7Very red star nevertheless welcomes the Navy (8)
14/8/29So, no 'off-the-back-of-a-lorry' bargains to be purchased here? (3,4,4)
16Study and almost feel America's unanimity (9)
17Factory with top grade fashionable banana (8)
19Tour round top of Britain with the French nuisance (7)
21Head of branch managed, nevertheless, to overturn lucky dip (4,3)
22Climbed like a fish? (6)
24SW excluded from bird grant (5)
25Rush around – good to show you don't care? (5)
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