Chambers Online Crossword Mar 2018
by Peebles

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8Complicated, like imperfect timber? (6)
9Flaunt health food container (8)
10Pretend to be unaware of wounded lieutenant by door, dropping round (4,1,5,3,2)
12Sharp's northern, 50, beginning to go (5)
14Magazine: 'Truck & Drum' (9)
16Artist representing Utrillo's art (11)
21Case of wine and of oil, maybe (9)
23Dreary fish (5)
24Study appearance: a Latino disposition in one's face (15)
27In far ground, everything drops from above (8)
28Florida once associated with 'alternative muscle' (6)


1Silly task: gin drunk for sport (7)
2See 26
3Regular sweetheart stayed out (6)
4Two kings changed Nero's currency unit (6)
5In vain, secretary is kept behind closed door (2,6)
6See 25
7One who yells "Swan!" (7)
11A tail-less, devouring creature's legal position (5)
13Fair-ground needs right religious man (5)
15Lament: 'Granddad's first to be put into grave' (5)
17You might survive in one flat destroyed with fire (4,4)
18Drink from major city, with German agreement (5)
19In retrospect, retsina is a spirit (7)
20Play: 'The Blue Bird' (7)
22Beautiful? Not very – around noon is isolated (6)
23Check "nuptial" is said (6)
25/6Means of rounding off digits (4,4)
26/2Once inside, do not turn right for an adjacent property (4,4)
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