Chambers Online Crossword April 2018
by Peebles

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6See 18
7Not penalised when accepting prisoner is free (10)
11Tend to be unsure about dropping university (5)
12Throw in jet – it's involved with CERN (9)
13Sort out 'getting into drink' stage (7)
14Pumas ain't lynxes at heart? Very good (7)
15Unsettled round building extension (5)
17/26Sort of fog that can be tasted (3,4)
18/6/1Accessories worn at dances: one can imagine nothing more dire! (5,4,8)
20Soldier, initially shaken, ran off, being somewhat yellow (7)
21It symbolises regality out of misplaced respect? (7)
23My quarter-turned craft work (9)
24It's allowed in public, I think (5)
25Do this and be prepared to have conviction? (5,5)
26See 17


1See 18 Across
2Egyptian deity accordingly raised a flower (6)
3Elected company is unstable (6)
4Hardy female, covered by fleece – a noblewoman (8)
5Having lost shirt, perhaps, nothing right for shareholder! (8)
8Female: her wireless broadcast amusements (6,6)
9Mucky – time for right sort of song (5)
10Drunk? Try another lot of drinks – that's a fair thing (5-2-5)
16Conclude North American eel, ultimately, is fiendish (8)
17Nick's run-up, etc affected (8)
19Maybe Hazel finishes off canopy (8)
20America's backward politicians – the pits! (5)
21The blue approach for air route (6)
22Extremely tacky company working for business big shot (6)
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