1Especially in botany, having the form of a strap or thong (6)
4In Greek Mythology, a swift-footed maiden who offered to marry any man who could defeat her in a race (8)
9___ Checker, rock and roll singer born Ernest Evans in Philadelphia, USA, in 1941 (6)
10A sweet liqueur flavoured with almonds, originally produced in Saronno, Italy (8)
11Knighted actor who was appointed Chancellor of Huddersfield University in 2004 (7,7)
13Patriarch in the Book of Genesis who reputedly lived for 969 years (10)
14Model of Renault car which featured the characters of Nicole and "Papa" in its TV adverts (4)
16Mediterranean city, the birthplace of Italian nationalist Giuseppe Garibaldi (4)
18Bernardo ___ , director of the 1972 film Last Tango in Paris (10)
21Football club, relegated from The Football League in 2015, whose home ground is Prenton Park (8,6)
23St ___ Mount, small tidal island in Cornwall, linked to the town of Marazion by a man-made granite causeway (8)
24___ Castle, a Gothic-style folly built near Henbury, Bristol, in 1766 (6)
25Body of water which contains the shipping forecast areas Dogger, Forties and Fisher (5,3)
26A gymnasium and grove beside the temple of Apollo at Athens, where Aristotle taught (6)


1In rugby union, one of the two players in the second row of the scrum (4)
2In heraldry, rising as a bird (7)
3Roman emperor who ruled between the reigns of Augustus and Caligula (8)
5A woollen cap with a broad circular flat top, of Scottish origin (3,1,7)
6Alan Jay ___ , lyricist and librettist who wrote the musical My Fair Lady with composer Frederick Loewe (6)
7Sport in which England, coached by Tracey Neville, won the gold medal in the 2018 Commonwealth Games (7)
8Latin term meaning "with stronger reason" (1,8)
12A dish of egg yolks, cream and vanilla topped with caramelised sugar (5,6)
13Type of three-stage intercontinental ballistic missile (9)
15Small harbour village in north Devon whose main street drops 400 feet in half a mile (8)
17Early 1990s ITV crime drama series starring Clive Owen as Stephen Crane / Derek Love (7)
19Relating to or resembling deer (7)
20Punctuation mark typographically as wide as the lower-case letter 'm' (2,4)
22The smallest of the Channel Islands open to the public (4)


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