Chambers Online Crossword May 2018
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


7Bird sound follows mother bird (5)
10Agent's turned extreme – don't give up (9)
11Circular cape reveals corpulence? (9)
12Check date on tree bananas (5)
13Rat switches political sides with ultimate in lucky gamble (7)
14King Eugene's about to be a traitor (7)
16Backstage rows follow Bottom article (6,3,6)
19Prize coat – teatime treat? (7)
21Victim of an accident, so not feeling good (3-4)
23Large, omelette-like and long- limbed (5)
25/5Pretend blue SS cast will serve as hanger for hose (9,4)
26Meaningful scientific study? (9)
27Roughly following top of tree trunk (5)


1A medium type of exam, beyond ethical considerations (6)
2Swift's English edition confiscated by agent (6)
3Jam from penny store? (8)
4Fibrous tissue not about to cramp butt (6)
5See 25 Across
6Look short of being unique (8)
8Sitting body's joint romantic pursuit (9)
9Duck winged off, carrying another duck (7)
15Which is responsible for report of "mongrel wonder pug" (9)
16Lack excitement in party, producing strong reaction? (8)
17Having belief: it's involved with ethics (8)
18Entertainment company centre, not English, failed (7)
20Nobody particularly wants a new Yardbird's no.1 single (6)
21Try not to be tempted, Sister Dotty (6)
22Mean to get thinner (6)
24Halt match (4)
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