Chambers Online Crossword June 2018
by Peebles

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8Seriously rich, accommodating words (5)
9Type of letter displaying hypocrisy about working relative (9)
10One's exercise with movement to music is a handicap (9)
11Rubbish produces bad smell – all right to enter? (5)
12Shock is hard alternative, resistance providing unknown element (7)
13Rum production beset by labour disquiet (7)
15Inconsiderate state, however, nestles awkwardly with fascists (15)
18Flight from this protracted appreciation of applause! (7)
20Feature comic rabbit (7)
22Snake and swan artist (5)
24Hiker lies about being "an extreme sportsperson" (4-5)
25Cinema requires much parking by law (9)
26The cast backing very distinctive character (5)


1Mean to go topless, as a fairy (6)
2A name possibly derived from upright form of neuron (6,4)
3Cloud-like movement of missile, sound as a bell (8)
4Disturb large body on bench (8)
5Small animal doctor circles round the woman (6)
6See 23
7Carrot, multi-processed in South America (8)
9Knowing it's tin-like (5)
14Public about to contemplate being rather fat (10)
15Let some slack to accommodate speed-of-light technological dispersal of information (8)
16Admit getting hot inside high public building (4,4)
17Matchelss, this woman, as a PR exponent? (8)
19Country underwear lifted up short woman (6)
20Clay crumbled over unknown part of flower (5)
21Apply decoration, not new but showy (6)
23/6Preceding figure that's approximate (4,4)
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