Chambers July 2018
by Peebles

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5Container ship's chief is first to survey the horizon? (4)
7Sign hung around the man: "Southern Storehouse of Words" (9)
9Second unit that might propel the ship (5)
10Shy about, er, getting weary (8)
11Scaly animal, long lost, in great discomfort (8)
12Irritate Latvian and Estonian leaders after row (6)
14Have law enforcers two seconds? (7)
16Orange: whole amount consumed by Day 1! (7)
19Get in boat awkwardly (6)
21Utter " Muscles applied round musical instrument" (8)
23Mature blend of rye? That's cheating! (8)
25See 20 Down
26Holiday with intent? Yes, if space is moved a bit to the right (2,7)
27See 24 Down


1Tasering rogue produces helium? (5,3)
2Carriage direction (7)
3Around one, cabaret involved lots of potential health risks? (8)
4Uninteresting ladder trial (3,3)
6To Bob, Mac's mobile was very dear (4,1,4)
7Draw back French article, a cloth (5)
8See 20
13Reduce bounding and going on and on (9)
15Ray, not single, gives star smiles ... (8)
17...lonely, very drunk Ray, sadly (8)
18Look after a minor miniature – it's original (4-3)
20/25/8Ruined punchline: "At sea, you'll prosper here" (1,5,2,3,3)
22Defraud pop star (5)
24/27Shadow went up wild flower (3,4)
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