Chambers Online Crossword September 2018
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


8The god of singers lacking top C (5)
10Unproductive dozen compared to 1.2 (9)
11Vessel overturned by bow crest (3-4)
12A vast tract of land, rocky area, is filled with uranium (7)
13Ripe or off bananas won't burn (9)
14/15Leading with broken promises and sin – which further acquaintance might change (5,11)
19Lunar cycle associated with a certain bone (5)
20Elephant, a smart cover for illusion (9)
21Obstinate sort of nonsense to follow (7)
23Land, er, crossed by public transport (7)
24Lodge's "The Usage", novel about love (9)
25Forty in Rome, once heard, stand out (5)


1Isolated stuff blended with hydrogen/oxygen (4-3)
2For measure, Italy abandoned consistency (15)
3Writer's elevated action, made by one having a row? (8)
4/6Easiest way to arrive at centralisation fee less adjustment (4,2,5,10)
5It's about right for the can (4)
6See 4
7Grass drugs ring member put inside (7)
9Son with daily means of improving the finish? (9)
14Fictional detective, off duty, won't harm tender plants (5-4)
16Underwear inspection limits (8)
17Condition of new album, 'Vitality' (7)
18Harps ain't lyres essentially? Very good (7)
20Margaret briefly published 'Go the Way of All Flesh' (3,3)
22Famous author's pulse (4)
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