Chambers November 2018
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


1Position of tropical aquatic plant (5)
4Bacon, for one, is nicest when cooked on time (9)
9Race originator to be put away first? (7)
10Recycled as sonic bridge-building aid (7)
11Performed for passing people (4,5)
12Hence, live right as a judge? (5)
13Spirits' casual attire (6)
14Go to hug tree's delicate branching (7)
18In Aspen, Dan took a medallion? (7)
19Outcast's song in local surroundings (6)
22Price is wrong, i.e. lacking one item in the packet? (5)
24Mainsail casually attached to large post (5,4)
25Just Kitty said to be upstanding member of neighbourhood watch? (7)
26Element of illuminated greeting upset Greek character (7)
27Possible Labour supporter hiding fancy tie in disrepute (9)
28Figures in opposition, in essence (5)


1Lethargic? Reduce the tipping (8)
2Now you're talking Kashmiri to let ET free? (5,4,4,2)
3Flooded uranium valued after a short day (9)
4Ill will over river fairy (6)
5So Iris is excited to be fitted with new cold teeth (8)
6Fixers, slow movers lacking leader (5)
7I snub alternative investment – that's disobedience (15)
8Arctic region's wild adventure (Eve getting lost) (6)
15Impostor's daily rejection of birth (9)
16Orphan located, it's said, the liqueur (8)
17Somewhat lethal, a muscle is part of the brain (8)
20Sharpness of copper getting in the last word (6)
21Poisoned by real grass! (6)
23Rude attention-getter's game (5)
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