Chambers December 2018
by Peebles

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1Beautician's frantic, right, to get into sloppy suit? (10)
6See 27
9Old city guarded by volatile Masai warrior of old (7)
10Chair is lazy person (7)
12A stair-rod melted to make heating elements (9)
13Pointedly eccentric? (5)
14Showing disapproval when aircraft maker has nothing to replace lost energy (6)
16No time for French Revolution carrier – city provides cover (8)
19Ointment designed to make you look better (3-5)
20Tropical tree element of Bilbao? Babylonia? (6)
21One entering singer's grounds (5)
22Detective constable apprehends European leader and speaker who might paper over the cracks? (9)
25Moronic, crazy character (7)
26One who follows a course needs time with torturer (7)
27/6Nick's measure (4-4)
28Arsenal net hit, I for one making the original game (4,6)


1Metre to left of abseiler moving down (9)
2Called in Reagan, a mediator (5)
3Herald, one who reveals stage set to audience? (7-6)
4It may well charge money (5)
5The very Southern fairies getting one over yours truly (8)
7Lady's champion heading off with staff for entertainment venue (9)
8Grasping female makes Henry pray for change (5)
11Where mechanic might be found, one into gear modification for important aircraft part (13)
15Excess population helping to make lovers' pillows (9)
17Perfume ingredient tipped over barge rims (9)
18Queen's is turned by grass (8)
21Maybe monk, er, abandoned soup (5)
23Summons involving IT in California (5)
24Mark, is this how Barbie's friend is toasted? (5)
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