Chambers Jan 2019
by Peebles

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1Palpable lie about Court One (7)
5Using every effort to get residence abroad (4,3)
9See 24
10Pretentious air associated with poet's facial hair (9)
12Makes an impression, putting power into Gemini's orbiting (8)
13In Homer, Tarsus's criminal conspiracy (6)
14Figure it's timeless law (6)
15What's left on utility supply? (7)
17Chap heading off, with luck perhaps to record a score? (5,2)
19Unexpected excursion requires having silver in change (6)
20Permit stifling political party's means of opening up (6)
22Has life in Cairns destroyed flowers? (8)
23Keys are not seen to do this (5-4)
24/9Bond is after hit fancy fastener (4,4)
25Dustpan alternative to get on your feet (7)
26Container clue involved comprehending 'reversing resort' (7)


2Self-evident Aix atomic explosion (9)
3Consider replacing Kate and Toni with Bill (4,4,7)
4Dish needs way to contain dip (7)
6Throw creep a bait? (7)
7Religious leader involved in heretic-cursing – misguided traditional entertainment (5-4,6)
8Drug-affected group agitated? (5)
11Variance in assorted candy prices (11)
16Second lock not quite loaded, which is nerve-wracking (9)
18Where there might be a range of gear, hence endless changing (7)
19However, be natural grasping flower (7)
21Misbehave and Bill will get deposit back (3,2)
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