Chambers Online Crossword Feb 2019
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


7Dull, dramatic monarch breaks through (6)
8Philosophically pragmatic crew lives in cabin (8)
10Hill guru is a bully (9)
12Unreliable as a US pick-up truck maker? (5)
13Character spread sun oil over Penny (7)
14Elevate dukes! (5,2)
15It is not vulgar (5)
17/25It's unsightly and hazardous in the main (3,5)
19Military unit detailed cadaver (5)
21Sport barrier (7)
23Opportunist disease gripping heart opening (7)
25See 17
26Weakening on errand (9)
27Second nature to reform big- headedness? (5,3)
28Hard to keep opening of Tosca unemotional (6)


1Hamper somehow burst inside a month (8)
2Nervous professional negotiated US intersection (14)
3Trial of alternative timber (6)
4Bravo – no more performances after the last one! (6)
5As actually written about radon being transported dry (8)
6Don't retire: there's support on high! (4,2)
9Shaky, but credit lines can't be broken (14)
11Take steps to get Brown to quit (5)
16Egocentric kerygma embraces deception (8)
18Physician is firm about breaking Scottish smoker (5)
20Calm setting for commercial song (8)
21Money-oriented, as part of Cardiff is called (6)
22It's for storing a set of wheels in vinegar agent (6)
24Like collections, they have value (6)
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