Chambers Online Crossword Mar 2019
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


1Feeling rough? Well, that's kids for you! (9)
6Eastern youth takes name, 'Jet' (5)
10/25Apply brakes before it snips – got to be fixed (4,4)
11Carver possibly producing company's first 1970s musical? (5)
12Mark's in no way the fifth character (4)
13Flat race practice (3,3)
14Pigeonhole provided in stylish surroundings (8)
15Boisterous males pierced with love, very much (5)
16Toad's seed corn carrier? (6)
19Dairy produce not finished off – about right for your good health? (6)
20/21What a commercial glassmaker hopes to make? (5,6)
22Full parking ruling (8)
24District of America upset by book publicity dismissing Latin (6)
25See 10
26See 27
27/26One's being comprehensive (4,5)
28It beats a man's being in empty toil (5)
29Little Percival said "Adorable hound" (9)


2Tense fellow, head of union, true eccentric (6)
3Manufactured 'Pele's Guru' sticker (9)
4Survey of fraud involved in arts revival (14)
5Fancy cane and sun shades (7)
7Premium book about Chambers (5)
8Negative temperature, zero Fahrenheit, then 10 – hardly an everyday event (3,5)
9Tiresome condition you might dismiss as "pants!"? (14)
17Curved thoroughbred horse corralled by law enforcers almost (9)
18Pointed element of Gabriel's harp is hidden (8)
20Outermost skin pierced by lice infestation (7)
21See 20 Across
23Species group, Rising Star, say (5)
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