Chambers June 2019
by Peebles

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1Norm gets bargain vegetable (7)
5Aroma wafting round local wine container (7)
9See 24 Down
10Shining no more on small room at hospital (9)
11One in charge of old vehicle causes a commotion in hail (10)
12See 6 Down
14Be politically devious, happy to move leader to far right – in danger, possibly (11)
18What's inside males getting tense? Happiness (11)
21See 24 Down
22Try circling with mini UFO to achieve 'sameness' (10)
25Canine with select food removal device? (9)
26Mean to change leader's vision (5)
27Who would call the faithful Edmund I "screwed up"? (7)
28Puzzling type of gold prospector? (7)


1The law of humourless parasites (6)
2Random collection from 'tabloid land' (6)
3Not unusual, tern's tail manoeuvring on the wing (7,3)
4In principle, a temporary crease (5)
5A classic example of playful old sports car? (9)
6/12Templar's dubious introduction to espionage, which is rather shady (4,4)
7Rover played with fish, so set aside (8)
8Edentates wandering near bats (8)
13Produced boxing tie break, with tip of ear being burnt (10)
15Internet somehow restricts one's initial ability to recall (9)
16Familiarise Bill with etiquette (8)
17Working to break up two individuals' intimate meeting? (3-2-3)
19Poet shown with Rembrandt's head in The Night Watch? (6)
20Greyish beige colour of one pulled out of bed (6)
23Holy man's just about king (5)
24/9/21Illuminate building and make a chance find (4,5,4)
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