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8No supporter of pope, on working with conservancy body (8)
9Like trees from meadow by vacated friary (5)
10/17/26DKeep article on behalf of theatre's top understudy (4,3,4)
11/16Titled sympathiser snapped "Undrinkable alcohol!" (10,7)
12Part of flower meant to develop after start of Spring (6)
14In brief, flu' entails possible pollutant (8)
16See 11
18Liberal in favour of explosive device (7)
21Temperature line is different (medium) (8)
23Top this, boss! (6)
24Damaged art deco rug is wrinkled (10)
26See 5 Down
27Disturb church vessel (5)
28A French introduction to rock band is impeccable (8)


1Start to develop vegetable to a higher level (6,2)
2See 25
3Mean Mr Bad, the legendary being (6)
4Trust organisation spiked by the heartless speaker's hesitation (7)
5/26A"Act with honesty," the drama critic's lukewarm verdict? (4,4)
6Waif gets cake after Indian music (10)
7Fiery beast, very unlikely to be seen in west and north (6)
13Agreed postponement of debt in atrium room setting? (10)
15See 25
17See 10 Across
19Conscious of eastern money fix, in no way losing heart (8)
20Amalgamate urban housing enthusiast (7)
22Sharp lancet tops that hurt an ungainly type (6)
23Emblem associated with king Harry (6)
25/15/2Gorge food? No alternative to get finished (4,3,4)
26See 10 Across
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