Chambers Aug '19

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1Oily liquid gets coolers circulating (7)
5Crude capo disrespectfully holds leggy creature (7)
9/21He dominates the cooking of paella and ham (5,4)
10Uncivilized couple of places to drink round America (9)
11Crafty companion nurses joint (6,4)
12See 24 Down
14Flattering appeal of thimbles and nuts containing nitrogen (12)
18Dead snake gets low-grade evaluation, which is annoying (12)
21See 9
22Straining to airlift bananas north (10)
25Paris is so organised for disease (9)
26See 6 Down
27Lands in protest at espionage (7)
28Baseball team's people getting pulled? (7)


1Broadcast programme is rough (6)
2Model following Late Show (6)
3With such a mouthy arrangement, keep it to yourself! (6,4)
4In Oslo, besmirching bottoms of listeners! (5)
5Have success getting into Triad's business (one who's for selection, naturally) (9)
6/26Criticize a multinational as 'bitter fruit' (4,5)
7Sporting organiser for Rome about to take temperature (8)
8Hellish destination, Aegean island (unattached) (8)
13Imagine a profit and get cold feet? (5,5)
15Self-regarding character, one among a poetic host? (9)
16Tree that's hybrid of reed and palm (3,5)
17'Formal Wear' is to follow film (8)
19It's easy to change top for a cheeky feature ... (6)
20But devoid of entertainment when top removed (6)
23"I appreciate that pen," as a satisfied consumer might say (5)
24/12Utterly lacking in scandalous gossip – bad (4,4)
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