Chambers Oct 2019
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


1Medusa's circles taken for granted (7)
5Short month gathering shells etc. for giant (7)
9See 6 Down
10Yielding beef with two adjacent bits switched round (9)
11Creamy-white car pulling another? That's far from life's realities (5,5)
12Military commander needs source of royal jelly (4)
14Mixed metaphors I start to consider as evoking a certain feeling (11)
18Darken floor for 1920s dance (5,6)
21Nothing quiet on the right side of Conservative Club (4)
22Channel Isles cutting attendance shows foresight (10)
25American citizen's novel way to oust batsman (3,6)
26/24Owl nest strewn with punctured egg openings, found at top of stairs? (5,4)
27Crooked politician possibly retiring – rest uneasily (7)
28Type of paint showing no name/date on ladder? (3-4)


1Star officer in amateur broadcast (6)
2Taken in, taken in by a pig – a mere appearance of one? (6)
3"The rich have much influence," Rand says? (5,5)
4Circle following Garland's look (5)
5Strum 'Me Me!' arrangement – accent in a theatrical manner (9)
6/9Western transport union leader in terminal mishap (4,5)
7Duck shooting gallery right at end of alley? It's for cool-climate fruit growers (8)
8Successful sequence that involved strain (3,5)
13'Fungus', a politician cutting knot of hair (10)
15No ark – more, perhaps, a small sail (9)
16Muscles study with hollowed out dress bolts (8)
17Elevated road agent has style (8)
19Americans were in possession of the solution (6)
20Backing of china-spliced wattle (6)
23Deadly agent's dress covering end of gun (5)
24See 26 Across
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