Chambers Dec 2019
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


1Flattering sort of copy hasn't excited (9)
6/9Unconvincing explanation of unaccented metallic thread fabric – pardon? (4,6)
8Lustre shown by sun god, one wrapped in ball (8)
9See 6
10Artful, covering behind with blubber! (6)
11Flower hunts abandoned after help rejected (8)
12Point of writing "Cage container overturned" (3,3)
15It might suffer in strong sun – just hide (4,4)
16Toasted crumpets produce a whole range of moods? (8)
19One who evaluates a four-poster bed feature? (6)
21It's beneath a cyclist to move to the other side of the pub area? (8)
22Pig litter female takes flight (6)
24/26No capital is affected with new project timings, etc (6,4)
25Eastern refreshment establishment serving old-fashioned marijuana on pad (3,5)
26See 24
27Cress muddied with soil produces hardening of tissue (9)


1Top actor taking international flight (5)
2Fabric feature includes rotten backing (7)
3It drops, you understand, finally (5)
4Loaf squashed by clumsy oaf in the van (5,2)
5Either a pistol's centre or a non-surgical practitioner (9)
6Love to go inside ruined castle places (7)
7Butch Cassidy's head 'severing' in Samuel, perhaps (9)
13Primal ice drifts known by experience only (9)
14Exposed old doctor (no frills) (4,5)
17Deaden blow of sporting chinos round university (7)
18In Braemar, it all is union-related (7)
20South eastern city of South America with American grave (7)
22Faculty is just about left (5)
23Samoa's islanders guarding fertile area (5)
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