Chambers Feb 2020
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


1Married director gets married (wife having departed) (7)
5Insect, today, somehow got inside child (nothing to be removed) (7)
9Sun needs to get on stalk – move aside! (5)
10Former celebrity's appearance in court is a turn-on for PC? (4,5)
11Aren't I mixed up with Matt, whose meeting with a 'partner' is mutually destructive? (10)
12/21Morecambe possibly needs vain, zany team member (4,4)
14Well-fortified saunas liable to shift (12)
18Tenant farmer cut policeman right inside (12)
21See 12
22Drink taken when one's up? (7,3)
25Bolt, say, small marsupial onto top of tall starchy plant (9)
26Fear Regina's wearing old hat (5)
27I looked like Cyclops (3-4)
28Maker of harness parts, or lime cast, right? (7)


1Horse soldier (American) in reckless retreat (6)
2Test should include American temperature to be reliable (6)
3Agent Homer, sadly, is not one to spread goodwill (4-6)
4There's money in education (5)
5Computer user's must-have – put down er, one / two pounds initially (6,3)
6/24Shed and Chuck taking a drive? (4,4)
7Peter out to host a crazy Brit blast (8)
8Aloof police officer, cut, was in pain (8)
13See 19
15London district makes start, reforming US president (9)
16Element of boost in a top-heavy, ground bass (8)
17Utter "Division!", being possessed by Peebles poet (8)
19/13Cry out in horror: "Second best saucy top!" (6,4,6)
20Prised out a scary sight in the bathroom? (6)
23Wheel-related mould with a large opening (5)
24See 6
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