Chambers Online Crossword May2020
by Peebles

(all words / phrases are contained in The Chambers Dictionary and our online Crossword Solver)


1Get composing on being rejected by gallery (6)
4Disappointed with electronic dial for the present (8)
10Almost 'time-trip' after dark (9)
11Manage to hide entrance to secret wood (5)
12Best publicly exposes trading location (8)
13Heads back with last two members of platoon? Exactly (4-2)
15Rubbish legwear (5)
17Statement of inmate's rounds (9)
18Feeling one's half-way through jail time? (9)
20Quick to use pawn in attack (5)
22End of shore leave, you start to show even-handedness (6)
23Dream of celebrity members of the LGBT community, by the sound of it (4-4)
26Old husband keeping wife's material (5)
27Canine, best sort of food remover? (9)
28Drink breaks announced by drunk (8)
29By the way, Latin bore is confused with it (6)


1So comment on spin-off is unbalanced (3,6,6)
2Drunk wants a small measure – make it fast! (7)
3Symbol of male bear on top (5)
5/25Dot loaded up a lot of money (4,4)
6Save wild ox? Perfect! (6,3)
7Working suite housing military police force (7)
8Colourful arboreal rapper performing encore, 'Powder Keg' (5,10)
9Lots welcoming smart circle's card game (9)
14Disease causes large reduction in vocal modulation (9)
16Hint: lilac isn't hybrid (9)
19Bring up food all over Mr Geller (7)
21Liberace part, thespian is tackling? (7)
24The woman turned over a book 'The Cure' (5)
25See 5
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