The Chambers Dictionary

The unrivalled dictionary for word lovers

Immerse yourself in the most interesting, authoritative and helpful English dictionary available – the unrivalled guide for word lovers. Whether you’re an avid wordgamer or just enjoy revelling in the quirks and curiosities of the English language, The Chambers Dictionary is your ultimate companion.

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circ_synthChambers appreciate that its readers are passionate about words and with this in mind we offered readers the chance to enter their own suggestions to be published in the new 13th edition.


Unrivalled help for wordgames

circ_xwordChambers is the dictionary of choice for crossword solvers, Scrabble © fans and wordgame enthusiasts.


The widest choice of words

circ_cacaThe Chambers 13th edition contains more words, phrases and meanings than its predecessors and more than any other single-volume English dictionary.


Perfectly flat

circ_pageThe Chambers Dictionary will lie perfectly flat on a desk, ensuring the whole page is visible, even definitions leading into the spine.


Word Lover’s Miscellany

Includes an all-new ‘Word Lover’s Miscellany’ section which focuses on the history of Chambers and the important words and quirky definitions which have been added in each of the 13 editions back to 1872.

Beautiful yet durable

Proving yet again that Chambers is the dictionary of choice for providing luxurious finishing touches, the 13th edition includes two ribbons, a strong cloth binding built to last and an extra durable dust jacket.

Enrich your English

The Chambers Dictionary keeps definitions short, creating space for more intriguing, obscure and historically charged entries.

Foiled Cover

Beautiful bespoke foiling makes Chambers stand out as the dictionary of distinction.