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Chambers Dictionaries for Learners of English

This brand-new range of dictionaries will help non-native speakers learn, understand and use English. These books were created with the help of ELTprofessionals and specialist ELT lexicographers.

We have created a range of free, printable worksheets and handouts to accompany our new dictionaries for learners of English.

Key features of Chambers Dictionaries for Learners of English

Key Words Highlighted

Based on corpus research, we have identified the most common words in English and flagged them up to learners.

Collocations Shown

Collocations, or words that go together, are one of the most important – and difficult – aspects of learning English. We highlight these word combinations wherever they occur to help learners use English in a clear and natural way.

Controlled Vocabulary

We use a restricted set of straightforward words in definitions so that learners can understand them instantly.

Grammar Information

Chambers dictionaries for learners of English give students extra help with grammar. Parts of speech, key constructions and other grammatical elements are presented in a clear and simple way.

Usage Notes

Chambers dictionaries for learners of English give hundreds of tips on how to avoid mistakes. By analysing the errors that learners make, we know what they find particularly difficult.

CLIL Vocabulary

Chambers dictionaries for learners of English cover all the vocabulary needed for subjects studied through CLIL. CLIL stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning. This is an educational practice where students learn school and college subjects in a language that is not native to them.

Examples showing natural English

Senses of words are given with examples, all taken from the Chambers corpus, to show English used in its most natural form.

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