Afr Africa, African
agric agriculture
Amer America, American
astrol astrology
astron astronomy
Austral Australia, Australian
bacteriol bacteriology
biochem biochemistry
biol biology
bot botany
Brit Britain, British
c century (eg 15c)
c. circa (ie approximately)
Can Canada, Canadian
Caribb Caribbean
chem chemistry
cinematog cinematography
C of E Church of England
colloq colloquial
conj conjunction
crystallog crystallography
derog derogatory
E East
EC European Community
ecol ecology
econ economy
elec electricity
Eng English
eng engineering
entomol entomology
EU European Union
gemmol gemmology
geog geography
geol geology
geom geometry
hortic horticulture
image tech image technology
intr intransitive
IVR International Vehicle Registration
math mathematics
mech mechanics
meteorol meteorology
mythol mythology
N North
naut nautical
NZ New Zealand
ophthalmol ophthalmology
ornithol ornithology
palaeog palaeography
palaeontol palaeontology
pathol pathology
pharmacol pharmacology
philos philosophy
photog photography
physiol physiology
prep preposition
psychoanal psychoanalysis
psychol psychology
relig religion
S South
sociol sociology
technol technology
telecomm telecommunications
teleg telegraphy
theat theatre
tr transitive
trig trigonometry
TV television
US United States
vet veterinary
W West
zool zoology

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Question mark

tri?l finds trial and trill
d??s? finds daisy, deism, dense, etc…


fan* finds fan, Fanagalo, fanatic, fanatical, fanned, fanning, etc…


it?n* finds itinerant, itinerantly, itineraries, itinerary

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