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C1 or c noun (Cs, C's or c's) 1 the third letter of the English alphabet. 2 (usually C) the third highest grade or quality, or a mark indicating this. 3 (C) music the note on which the Western system of music is based. 4 a musical key with the note C as its base.

C2 abbreviation 1 Celsius. 2 centigrade. 3 century • C19. 4 IVR Cuba.

C3 symbol 1 (also c) centum (Latin), the Roman numeral for 100. 2 chem carbon.

c1 abbreviation 1 centi-. 2 cubic.

c2 symbol, physics the speed of light.

c. abbreviation 1 cricket caught. 2 cent. 3 century. 4 chapter. 5 (also ca) circa (Latin), approximately.