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D1 or d noun (Ds, D's or d's) 1 the fourth letter of the English alphabet. 2 (D) music a the second note on the scale of C major; b the musical key which has this note as its base. 3 (usually D) the fourth highest grade or quality, or the mark indicating this. 4 (D) the D-shaped mark on a billiards table.

D2 abbreviation 1 especially US Democrat. 2 IVR: Deutschland (German), Germany. 3 cards diamonds. 4 physics electric displacement. See also 3-D (at three).

D3 symbol 1 the Roman numeral for 500. 2 chem deuterium.

d abbreviation 1 daughter. 2 day. 3 dead. 4 deci-. 5 degree. 6 delete. 7 denarius (Latin), (in the UK before 1971) a penny, or pence. Compare s. 8 depth. 9 diameter. 10 died.

'd contraction 1 would • I'd go tomorrow. 2 had • He'd gone yesterday. 3 colloq did • Where'd they go?